What kinds of trees are planted in Madagascar?












Madagascar is the world's greatest and largest biodiversity hotspot. Most of the trees, plants, fauna and flora that grow on this isolated island are unique to it, which is why the deforestation that has occurred there, endangering entire animal and plant species which exist no where else in the world, is particularly devastating. Together with our partners Eden Reforestation we are working to restore some of the biodiverse and unique forests on the island, employing, training and educating local communities in the process. 

In addition to the various native mangrove species, we also plant the following: 

  • Stereosperum euphoroides
  • Khaya madagascariensis
  • Baudouinia fluggeiformis
  • Andansonia (commonly known as the Baobab, famous for it's nutrient packed superfood fruit)
  • Moringa Olifera ('the miracle tree', it fights malnutrition with over 92 nutritional benefits) 
  • Dalbergia Chlorocarpa
  • Anacardium Occidentale (cashew nut, great commodity for local agroforestry)
  • Techtona madagascariensis (a teak wood tree- harvestable for construction and furniture)
  • Annona squamosa (it's fruit is the sweet, tropical sugar apple)
  • Eugenia jambolona
  • Cordyla madagascariensis
  • Commiphora guillauminii
  • Erythroxylum nitidulum
  • Treculia perreri
  • Rhopalocarpus similis
  • Diospiros Aculeata
  • Strychnos madagascariensis
  • Pachypodium rutenbergianum
  • Commiphora lamii
  • Commiphora madagascariensis

For more information on the planting sites, check out the videos our Tree Planting Officer Pieter took on his last trip there! 

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