How does Ecosia decide how much money to give to each tree-planting project?

Tree planting can have many different positive effects and aims. They range from CO2 neutralization, community employment and protection of biodiversity to land restoration or enabling sustainable farming. Our aim at Ecosia is to explore different approaches and combine their beneficial impact. With a growing user-base and years of experience, we now finally have the resources to support a carefully selected number of planting programs.

We want to find the most efficient way of planting trees so we can minimize risks, share our knowledge with others, enable exchange and use our insight to become the world’s leading tree planting experts. Seasonality, planting approach and focus, location and stage of the project may influence the need for financial support. This is why we try to distribute our monthly payments to our partners as efficiently as possible to have the biggest positive impact with our trees. We share the exact amount of funds received by each organization in our public tree planting receipts. You can find out more about our current tree-planting partners here.

By being in regular contact with our partners, Ecosia follows closely follows the advance and possible challenges of our tree-planting programs. Thanks to that constant flow of information provided by our partners, we are always up to date when it comes to their specific need for financial support.

Because our tree-planting programs are equally diverse in regions (Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Peru) and methods, the planting seasons as well as the technical approaches differ from each-other too. This means that each partner will need a different amount of investment at any given time, allowing Ecosia to allocate the available resources more efficiently. This way we adapt to the context, making sure we invest where the impact will be biggest.

You can always follow how much money Ecosia is using to support each tree-planting program through our monthly tree planting receipts. For more details on how the tree-planting projects are advancing, you can always follow us through our blog, our monthly newsletter and Ecosia’s social media profiles:

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