How does Ecosia make money?

How do you make money in general?
Just like any other search engine, Ecosia shows ads next to its search results, so called EcoAds. Every time you click on one of these ads, we are paid by our partner Microsoft Bing for having directed users to their advertisers. 

How much do you earn per click on an ad?
How much we earn per click on an ad strongly varies, depending on the competition on the key word and the value of what is being advertised. Some search terms like "credit", "bank account" or "solar panel" come with more lucrative ads than for example "chocolate" or "sticky notes". This is due to the fact that for example solar panels tend to be more expensive than chocolate and a bank account will be lucrative for the provider for a longer time, whereas not many people sign contracts for a ten-year supply of sticky notes.

A click on one of the more lucrative keyword ads may finance multiple trees at a time, others may finance a fraction. Taken into account that not every Ecosia user clicks on an ad every time they search, we earn an average of 0.5 cents (Euro) per search.

How much money do you make a month?
This depends on - you probably guessed it - clicks on ads. During some months, especially in summer when people spend less time searching the web and rather go for a swim or doze in the sun, the net revenue may be a little lower, whereas in winter, especially close to Christmas when many people order presents, our income from ad revenue might peak. To keep track of our monthly earnings and also costs, why don't you just have a look at our business reports?

How much do you use to support tree planting programs?
Whereas our monthly income may vary, one thing is always for sure: We use at least 80% of our profits from search ad revenue for tree planting. The amount we support our partners with may vary from $50K to $150K a month, depending on the revenue we made. If you would like to take a closer look at our planting partner receipts receipts, please feel welcome to do so.

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