How much does Ecosia actually earn per search?

How does Ecosia turn your searches into money? 
Just like any other search engine, we show ads next to our search results. If you click on one of these ads, we get paid by our partners at Microsoft Bing for having directed you to the advertiser's website. We then invest at least 80% of our profits from this search ad revenue into tree planting. So far, so simple. When it comes to determining how much we earn per search and click on an ad, it gets a bit more complicated.  

Chocolate, sticky notes and solar panels
Some search terms like "credit", "bank account" or "solar panel" come with more lucrative ads than for example "chocolate" or "sticky notes". This is due to the fact that for example solar panels tend to be more expensive than chocolate and a bank account will be lucrative for the provider for a longer time, whereas not many people sign contracts for a ten-year supply of sticky notes.

A click on one of the more lucrative keyword ads may finance multiple trees at a time, others may finance a fraction. Taken into account that not every Ecosia user clicks on an ad every time they search, we earn an average of 0.5 cents (Euro) per search. 

So does one search finance one new tree?
Not quite, it takes a little more than that to finance one new tree. But here's the calculation: We know that Ecosia earns an average of 0.5 cents (EUR) per search. It costs our tree planting partners about 0.22 EUR to plant a tree. 22 cents divided by 0.5 cents makes about 45 searches until we can plant one new tree. Depending on clicks on ads and how much search ad revenue these generate for Ecosia, it may take a lot less searches though. Sounds very complicated? Try it like this: At the moment we fund the planting of a new tree every 2 seconds. Impressive, right?

So what is the search counter all about? And do I contribute to the planting, even if I don't click on ads?
The counter in the top right corner counts your searches, all of which contribute to the tree planting. Feel free to find out more about that in our article about the search counter. Concerning ad blockers: In case you are using an ad blocker or you never click on ads, you still contribute to the movement by increasing the number of Ecosia's users. The more monthly active users Ecosia has, the more relevant it becomes to advertisers.

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