Manually install Ecosia and make it even faster with OpenSearch in Chrome

Ecosia's search extension for Chrome lets you search and plant trees right from the search bar. For an even faster search experience that doesn't redirect you through Google, you can also use OpenSearch technology to make Ecosia your sole default search. 

Set this up in just two easy steps:

STEP 1: Right-mouse click in the search bar and choose "Edit search engines..." 


STEP 2: Hover over Ecosia in the search engine list and click "Make default" and "Done".


That's it! Ecosia should now be faster and more reliable. You can edit this setting at any time by repeating the steps and choosing your search engine of choice.

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    Sara Han

    I'm not getting the option to make it the default. 

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    Benjy Curzon-Jones

    Hi Sara, I had this problem too but found a fix.

    If you do as it says above but then scroll to the bottom where it has an input to add a new search engine and enter these details in to the boxes:

    in the "Add new search engine" box type


    in the "keyword" box type

    and in the "URL with %s in place of query" box, type

    Then press enter. You should see Ecosia pop up as an option in the "Other search engines" field. Hover over it and then click "Make default".

    Hope this helps!

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