Can I install Ecosia with OpenSearch?

Extension / Addon (recommended)

The best and easiest way to install Ecosia in your Browser is to install our extension. To install our extension either go to and click "Add Ecosia" in to top right or use the direct links to our extensions. We offer an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.


If you prefer to not install our extension or use another browser, OpenSearch is a very good alternative. OpenSearch is an open standard which allows you to add Ecosia as your default search engine. OpenSearch is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Yandex, Vivaldi and more browsers.

The general steps to set Ecosia as your search engine with OpenSearch

  • Open your browser
  • Open a new tab and go to
  • Go to your browser settings and look for the search settings and click the button to edit or add your search engines (sometimes the search settings are under advanced settings or the like)
  • If your browser supports OpenSearch you will now see Ecosia as an option in the list of search engines
  • Activate it and make sure to also set it as the default

The exact steps and names of the buttons might be a little bit different from browser to browser. Also make sure you have no other extension installed that sets or overrides your search engine settings.

Here is an example for what the steps look like in Chrome:

Adding Ecosia Search manually

If your browser does not support OpenSearch you might still have the option to manually add a search engine. Usually you need to provide some of the following values in order to do that:

  • Name: Ecosia
  • Adress/URL:
  • Auto suggestions URL:

Note: You might have to replace "%s" in the above with another value based on your browser.

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