What kinds of trees are planted in Burkina Faso?






Butter shea



Our Belgian tree-planting partners at WeForest and Entrepreneurs Without Borders (OZG) work together with local communities to carefully select planting sites along with the most suitable native trees for each planting project. 

There are several species of tree being planted on sampled sites, including but not limited to:

  • Acacia raddiana: 263 trees per hectare
  • Acacia seyal: 10 per hectare
  • Ziziphus mauritiana: 62 per hectare
  • Balanites aegyptica: 59 per hectare
  • Leptadenia hastata: 11 per hectare
  • Acacia nilotica
  • Boscia senegalensis
  • Pterocarpus luscens
  • Citrullus colocynthis.

For more planting and project status details, have a look at WeForest's impact report from November 2014, this blog post from December 2015 and the project summary.

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