Why do you plant trees instead of supporting a different cause?

In short: Trees are the superheroes of the planet. The positive effects they can have on their environment and the people living in it are as versatile as the different shapes they come in.


Of course planting trees is excellent for the environment. After all, trees are the most efficient CO2 absorbers on the planet. Trees help mitigate climate change, restart water cycles, keep deserts from spreading and turn barren grounds back into fertile woods and farmland. 

But planting trees also means nourishing communities. Fresh, nutritious forest goods can either be directly consumed by the local communities or sold on the local markets. This improves people’s health and allows them to build their lives in newly revitalized areas instead of having to migrate in search of better living conditions. Local women and men find dependable employment and earn an income of their own, which helps stabilize political and economic situations. Thanks to their income from the tree planting and farming, parents can afford to send their children back to school, buy medicine and build houses.

By planting trees, one can help create and maintain a habitat for all kinds of often endangered species, supporting local biodiversity. Trees can also help shape and restore landscapes. With their strong roots they can stabilize shorelines and mountain sides.  

So by planting a tree, you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife, provide nutrition, employment, education, medical assistance and political as well as economic stability. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Photos: WeForest / Beeldkas

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