What are Ecosia's main features and advantages?

If you search with Ecosia, you not only get great search results, you also help the environment. You can use Ecosia on your desktop computer or laptop and also on mobile (just try our iOS and Android App). Your clicks on ads and online purchases generate revenue for Ecosia. We then use a large chunk of our profits from said revenue to support tree planting and community programs all over the world. Aside from less CO2 in the air, this also means sustainable jobs, educational opportunities, healthier people and environmental security for local communities.

So what's in it for you?

  • Ecosia's promise to use at least 80% of its profits from ad income for tree planting
  • Full transparency: We publish proof of our financial support
  • Quality results: Search technology from Bing enhanced with Ecosia's own algorithms
  • CO2-neutral web search: Ecosia neutralizes all carbon emissions related to your searches

Want to keep track of our hard data in numbers? Feel free to browse through all our monthly planting partner receipts and business reports.

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