How does the personal counter work?




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    Mattia Albrizio

    I think Zendesk hit the point: Ecosia is an awesome initiative to plant trees and preserve nature with simple daily actions, such as a web search. It would be great to create an Ecosia account in order to save and sync the number of trees planted with many devices! Great job! :)

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    Out of curiosity. Is it possible to say what type of trees are being planted in each area? Like Huarango trees for Peru or Baobab Trees for Madagascar?

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    Excuse me but every 2 searches I make it counts as one tree even though I don't always click on Ads can you tell me why or fix this please also can you reply back!!! :) Thank You For being Such a generous and genius company!!! :)

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    Olga Liliana Roa

    I would like that you consider plant trees in Colombia.

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    Eduardo Sousa

    That sounds pretty good. I'm happy to part of this.

    Ecosia and Vivaldi together!

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    How come you don't plant trees in the U.S.? Why only those certain areas? 

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