How does the search counter work? What does it mean when you say "You've helped plant X trees"?

What is this counter thing and how am I helping to plant trees?
Ecosia funds the planting of a new tree roughly every 2 seconds. The personal counter in the top right corner represents the number of trees you've contributed to by searching with Ecosia. It counts your searches on Ecosia and matches them with the current average of seconds Ecosia needs to finance one new tree. So the search counter is a symbol of your contribution to Ecosia's tree planting together with other Ecosia users.

So how do searches translate into trees?
A click on one of the search ads appearing above and next to Ecosia's search results generates revenue for Ecosia, which is paid by the advertiser. Ecosia then uses at least 80% of its monthly profits to plant trees in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Peru, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania and many more countries.  

How does that look concretely?
Taken into account that not every Ecosia user clicks on an ad every time they search, we earn an average of 0.5 cents (Euro) per search. Since planting a new tree with our planting partners costs about 0.22 EUR, it takes an average of 45 web searches to fund one tree. Depending on clicks on ads and how much search ad revenue these generate for Ecosia, we fund the planting of a new tree every 2 seconds.

But what if I don't really click on ads? 
Even if you use an ad blocker or never click on ads, you still contribute to the movement by increasing the number of Ecosia users. The more monthly active users Ecosia has, the more relevant it becomes to advertisers.

Nice. Happy to be part of a movement. But this is still about trees and their impact right? 
Absolutely! If you would like to learn about the super powers trees have, this way please!

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