Why was my personal counter reset to ‘1’?

Your personal counter tells you how many searches you've made with Ecosia. This number is stored in a cookie. This is a small file saved by your browser. Most websites use cookies and you will probably already have come across a notification asking you to accept the use of cookies. We at Ecosia are not interested in your personal data, which is why in Ecosia's case, this cookie only saves non-personal values like language settings, browser version and number of searches. Read more about how we handle user data and privacy in our Privacy Policy Document.

But now back to the personal counter and why it might be reset: Your browser might be set to delete cookies every time it restarts. If you want to keep it that way, you can check your browser's settings for the option to make an exception for Ecosia. 

Have a look at the following links to find easy instructions for each browser

We currently don't have any way of bringing your personal counter back to the number it showed before the cookies were deleted. However, we are working on a tool that may make this possible. As soon as this tool is launched, we will tell you about it on our blog, so stay tuned!

And most importantly: Stay calm and search on. The trees you've helped us finance are of course not deleted, even if your count is reset. They are growing and greening the desert as we speak!

Photo: Beeldkas and OZG

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