How does Ecosia neutralize a search's CO2 emissions?

The industry standard for search engines is estimated to be about 0.2 grams of CO2 emission per search. One grown acacia planted in Burkina Faso can take up to 50 kilograms of CO2 out of the atmosphere in a lifetime. Depending on clicks on ads and value of the search terms (some keywords like "credit" or "bank account" are more lucrative than others and may earn us up to a few dollars per click), Ecosia earns an average of 0.5 cents per search at the moment. The average cost of planting a new tree in our planting sites is 28 cents, so roughly 56 searches plant a new tree.

By planting trees with its revenue from search ads, Ecosia automatically neutralizes its CO2 emissions. What's even cooler: By searching the web with Ecosia, users can offset their CO2 emissions with a daily habit for free!

In addition to our tree planting, we currently offset our emissions with a Gold-Standard project in Madagascar run by our partner myclimate. To learn more about the project, watch this video

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