Why do I have to install a new Chrome extension?

Chrome is a widely used web browser offered by Google. We want to make it as easy as possible for Chrome users to use Ecosia as their default search engine and allow them to plant trees. However, Google is making this very hard for us.

We have been offering a Chrome extension for years without any problems. Google is now threatening to remove our extension because of the way it sets Ecosia as your default search engine, and when they do, the extension will stop working.

There is a new, better way (called settings override API) we can use to set Ecosia as your default search, which we want to use, but we cannot because if we update your extension with this change it will automatically disable the entire extension.

As we have no other choice, the only option left to us is to release a brand new extension and ask all our Chrome users to install it.

We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you and thank you for searching and planting trees with Ecosia. 

If you want to help even more please consider writing to Google to let them know that you like searching with Ecosia and ask them to make it a default option in the Chrome browser.

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