Make Ecosia your default search engine in Vivaldi

You can make Ecosia your default search engine in the Vivaldi browser by selecting it from the list of search engine options in the browser settings: 

  • Go to SettingsSearch.
  • Find in the list of search engines.
  • Choose Ecosia and click the checkmark to set Ecosia as your preferred default.
  • Edit or delete existing search engines.

    NB: Users that are updating Vivaldi and have previously selected a different search engine, will need to restore the search defaults in the settings prior to Ecosia becoming available. 




You can also change your search engine to Ecosia directly from the search box: 

  • Find Ecosia in the search field to the right of the address bar in Vivaldi browser.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • A menu of search engine options will show, including Ecosia.
  • Ecosia can also be changed by starting the search with the search engine nickname. For instance, the search term “e vivaldi browser” will search for “Vivaldi browser’ on Ecosia.




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